Eggnog + Chocolate Variation



I once believed that eggnog had to be one of two varieties: either the sickeningly sweet, slightly bubblegum flavored concoction that lives safely on grocery shelves for the entire duration of the holiday season or the nostalgic salmonella slurry made at home with raw eggs and an entire dairy herd’s worth of cream. Granted, I happily drank the store bought variety for many years, but I began to wonder if there was something better out there.

Disclaimer: this eggnog is much more attractive in real life. Perhaps my new year’s goal will be to learn how to photograph beverages…during the darkest part of the year… Continue reading “Eggnog + Chocolate Variation”

My Friend, Peanut Butter

Peanut butter is a friend that I once took for granted.  It has always been there for me, but not until recently did I show it the appreciation it deserves.  If you, too, have been neglectful toward this noble condiment, simply using it as a last resort, I-only-have-thirty-seconds-to-make-lunch ingredient, I hope these two recipes will inspire you to spend a little more quality time with this valiant kitchen staple. Continue reading “My Friend, Peanut Butter”