Turnip, Fennel, and Apple Soup with Sausage

When I made this soup, my dining companion asked if I had a name for it.  I responded that I was open to suggestions, and the first name he came up with was “Good Soup.”  I’ll take it. Continue reading “Turnip, Fennel, and Apple Soup with Sausage”

Quick, Easy Yeast Bread

A few weeks ago, my institute teacher brought several large, golden loaves of homemade bread to class as part of an object lesson.  This involved her slicing off a piece, eating it slowly in front of the class, and describing how good it was: “crispy on the outside, fluffy, soft, and chewy on the inside.  Oh, it’s so good, I just wish you could all taste it.  But, oh well….” Continue reading “Quick, Easy Yeast Bread”

Garlic Roasted Asparagus

I’ve broken the barrage of beige!  This is the first green thing I’ve posted here, and I think it’s very seasonally appropriate.  The freakishly warm February weather has made it feel like spring, and asparagus was a very good price at the store, which prompted me to revisit this recipe.  It has become my go-to way of preparing asparagus.  I’m likely to be a fan of any oven-browned vegetable, and when you throw in crispy golden bits of garlic and toasty asparagus tops that remind me of popcorn, well…let’s just say one batch doesn’t stretch as far as it might otherwise. Continue reading “Garlic Roasted Asparagus”

Fresh Ginger Applesauce

If you have never made applesauce before, I highly recommend it.  It’s one of those foods that is exponentially tastier when homemade and isn’t difficult to boot.  I have made applesauce with several varieties of apples, and all were good – if you choose your favorite, you won’t go wrong. Continue reading “Fresh Ginger Applesauce”

Tomato Preserves

One summer, when I was visiting home between college semesters, my mom and I planted some tomato seeds.  Several good tomato plants grew up and gave us a decent harvest, but one indolent plant never really produced.  The following summer, however, that same plant finally hit its stride, and oh what a plant it was.  It gave literally hundreds of tomatoes – enough to make sandwiches and salads and salsas – we could have even had a mini version of La Tomatina in our backyard.  But, instead, I tamely made some tomato preserves with the excess. Continue reading “Tomato Preserves”